Nature-Based Worldview

PaGaian Cosmology – Glenys Livingstone

Nature is Enough – Loyal Rue

Sexual Personae – Camille Paglia

A Religion of Nature – David Crosby

The Way: An Ecological Worldview – Edward Goldsmith

The Earth Path – Starhawk

Salmon in the Spring – Jason Kirkey

Radical Nature – Christian De Quincey

Mind & Cosmos – Thomas Nagel

Philosophy of Divinity

The History of God – Karen Armstrong

God: Being, Consciousness, and Bliss – David Bentley Hart

Panentheism –

She Who Changes – Carol Christ

The Minimalist Vision of Transcendence – Jerome A. Stone

Godless Paganism – John Halstead, Ed.

The Rebirth of the Goddess – Carol Christ

Panentheism and Scientific Naturalism – David Ray Griffin

The God Delusion – Richard Dawkins

Philosophy of Religion

Amythia – Loyal Rue

Truth In Religion – Mortimer Adler

Metaphysics – Aristotle

The Plain Sense of Things – James C. Edwards

All Things Shining – Dreyfus & Kelly

The Wisdom of Insecurity – Alan Watts

Letters to a Christian Nation – Sam Harris

Relational Reality – Charlene Sprentak


Soulcraft – Bill Plotkin

The Dream of the Earth – Thomas Berry

Living with Ambiguity – David Crosby

The Voice of the Earth – Theodore Roszak

The Spiral Dance – Starhawk

Evening Thoughts – Thomas Berry

The Great Work – Thomas Berry

Reenchanting the Forest – William Ayot

Restoring the Soul of the World – David Fideler

Nature Mystics – Rebecca Beattie

Drawing Down the Moon – Margot Adler

Dark Green Religion – Bron Taylor

The Druidry Handbook – John Michael Greer

A History of Pagan Europe – Jones & Pennick

The Resurgence of the Real – Charlene Sprentak


After Virtue – Alastair McIntyre

Rational Man – Henry Veatch

Ecological Ethics – Patrick Curry

The Moral Animal – Robert Wright

The Moral Landscape – Sam Harris

The Dependent Rational Animal – Alastair McIntyre

The Selfhood of the Human Person – John F. Crosby

The Road from Empire to Eco-Democracy – Gene Marshall, Ed.

Just Love – Margaret Farley

Nicomachean Ethics – Aristotle

Small is Beautiful – E.F. Schumacher

Voluntary Simplicity – Duane Elgin

Wheel of the Year

Seasons of the Witch – Gail Duff

Stations of the Sun – Ronald Hutton

Rekindling the Celtic Spirit – Maura Freeman

Sabbats – Karen Walker


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